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a very intelligent person that he's or strong has a lot hair on his face he's also tall and he has a dick of a size of 8.4 he likes having arguments with people and he destroys them was his common sense and logic and no one will be able to beat this person. He is a gamer also he's a type of person that lives in a paradise he has a lot of friends and he has a great atmosphere he likes to hide his face online at first but when you really get to know him he would truly showed his face on a social media platform or he will meet you in person if you live in the same area as him but currently this is the only a male has the name ColderMAXX he also has a lot of humor and he loves sushi and for some reason he thinks gay jokes are funny even though he's not gay apparently a lot of people call him daddy for some reason. apparently he also likes anime a lot and he does in his free time usually just plays a verity of games played about 150 + video games. he also ain't after attention he's just a chill dude.he's surrounded by woman because he is lady killer and smooth. he also respects woman also this man is very wealthy and he likes sharing it for some reason and he plays on Xbox one probably he's a type of player that doesn't really try his hardest but the reason why he doesn't try his hardest because if he does he might be that person then the person might get salty at him and say that he's a hacker but he's not really he's just good at the game with pure skill and pure intelligence.
Why do you argue and why do you have common sense and great intelligence you're just like ColderMAXX
by MJ Colin June 13, 2019
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