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Noun- Coffee that is free.

Often used in a sentence when talking to a coffee shop worker or barista.
Cheap customer: "Hey Kyle, can I get a discount on my coffee?"

Coffee shop worker: "Nah, dude I'll just make you some coffree!"
by epithet December 09, 2009
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When you have enough stamps from Mc Donald's or have collected enough stars from Starbucks, or a winning roll up the rim from Tim Hortons to get a free coffee.
Two people going for a coffee together...
1st coffee mate- " I'm buying for us today."
2nd coffee mate - "Not today! I've got us covered, I've have a couple coffrees to use up."
1st coffee mate- " You're awesome!"
2nd coffee mate- " Nah, it's just the perks of my caffeine addiction."
by Bootstraps and Axe April 17, 2017
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