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a stink bomb that is broke into the casket of a dead person for mourners to smell
this is a true story of how i relased a coffin A-bomb

Every day in this high school of hell i tried to keep to myself. then she comes and has to ruin my life.. day after day that girl would always be punching me, kicking me, pulling my hair out at the roots. I had hoped graduation would be the last time I ever had to deal with such a horrible person, but then I was throw to the wolves.. The day I had to confront her was the worst day off my life. As i starred at her lying there looking so peacefully in the open casket i could not help but think of how much a BITCH she is.. she no longer has to live with the pain of all the things I have gone through, AND ALL THESE STUPID PEOPLE ARE CRYING OVER YOU. Well i finally stood up for myself- I broke a stink bomb and chucked it into her coffin.. This is my final revenge, this is my smug grin. As i walked away I chuckled at her sobbing mother having to lean over the open casket and smell her stinking bully daughter
by cobaltkiller1989 February 08, 2010
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