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modern warfare2 is a game with great single player but terrible multiplayer

very easy to hack, mod, spam, and glitch

i along with other are into a new trend called

Nuke-boosting and Riot Shield Boosting

Nuke Boosting allows you and a friend to spam every game with tactical nukes so much that the game becomes unplayable for anyone

Riot Shield Boosting allows you to level up and cheat your way through points

hey after skool lets go home and try to find a new hack on modern warfare 2
by cobaltkiller1989 March 14, 2010

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Victorious a new show by nikelodean starring victoria justice which is trying to play pretty much upon the same thing as other shows such as icarly, big time rush, true jackson vp
Nickelodean hopes that this show will become a big hit and that fans will relize what a great actree vitoria justice is

what we are really getting is a DEEPLY UNFUNNY crapstorm that is an insult to eveyone intelligence that has hit puberty
If u thought Miranda Cosgrove from Icarly was boring and uninteresting- jus wait till u see this

i could write a better show than this if i was on my death bed

when did nikelodean become so unfunny and uninteresting that the only laughs or chukles they can get is by playing a 70's sitcom laugh-track. this is PATHETIC
Boy: Wats the worst show on Nick

Girl: By far its that new 1, Victorious
by cobaltkiller1989 March 29, 2010

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the worst, most vile disqusting offensive word a person caan be called
if you are a clown u might as well commit suicide
kenny dont be such a dam clown or you will never get a girlfriend
by cobaltkiller1989 December 29, 2009

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nickelodean's awnser to disneys high school musical

their first try was some crappy musical with that flat chested whoore victoria justice that nobady gave a crap about
now they are trying an actual tv series
it is horrendously unfunny, the acting is abomindable by all parties involved, and 3 of the 4 members of the band are clearly flamboyent homosexuals
if it wasnt 4 spongebob nickelodean would die

(worst and possibly gayest song ever, gayer than Samwell's "What What In the Butt")

sample from chorus


Go on shake it up, what you gotta lose?

Gonna make your luck with the life you choose.

If you want it all, lay it on the line.

its the only life you got so you got to live it big time

every1 involed with this should be ashamed but i cant wait untill satrical comedies like south park and family guy flame this crapstorm
big time rush must be cancelled asap
by cobaltkiller1989 February 01, 2010

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a stink bomb that is broke into the casket of a dead person for mourners to smell
this is a true story of how i relased a coffin A-bomb

Every day in this high school of hell i tried to keep to myself. then she comes and has to ruin my life.. day after day that girl would always be punching me, kicking me, pulling my hair out at the roots. I had hoped graduation would be the last time I ever had to deal with such a horrible person, but then I was throw to the wolves.. The day I had to confront her was the worst day off my life. As i starred at her lying there looking so peacefully in the open casket i could not help but think of how much a BITCH she is.. she no longer has to live with the pain of all the things I have gone through, AND ALL THESE STUPID PEOPLE ARE CRYING OVER YOU. Well i finally stood up for myself- I broke a stink bomb and chucked it into her coffin.. This is my final revenge, this is my smug grin. As i walked away I chuckled at her sobbing mother having to lean over the open casket and smell her stinking bully daughter
by cobaltkiller1989 February 08, 2010

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