Cum On Face - Sexual act often used when describing services offered by an escort.
The escort I saw last night provided cof in addition to bbbj and fs
by AndyRBR January 12, 2006
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Myspace Kid #1 - Hey,whats all that noise and stuff?

Myspace Kid #2 - Oh. Thats just CoF
by IAmTheOcean July 3, 2010
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by Woltan February 13, 2022
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Shortened phrase of 'Fuck Of'

Pronounced "cough"
Person 1: Your a gronk

Person 2: Cof mate
by bigeMe January 31, 2012
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Circle of Friends. Where everybody is close to everybody in a group of close family and friends.
Who's going to be at the party? Oh, just the cof's of course.

I love the cof's!
by jheart September 23, 2008
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Choked on Food. Used as a short form for texting or chatting. It means that the other person said something funny or outrageous while you were eating.
G: "The new girl is wearing a hat that looks like a va-jay-jay."

H: COF! I was eating a cookie when I read that!!! Nice!

G: "Thx"
by People'sPoet April 29, 2011
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