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1. When a man really wants to have sex with a woman but knows he shouldn't because she's involved, too crazy, related, etc.

2. When you have a kink that turns you on but at the same time would not like to explore it

3. When a man is gay but is having trouble admitting it due to societal norms, pressure from parents, etc. (Go for it, dude! It's okay!)
1. If my sister looked like Scarlett Johansson, I would be experiencing some serious cocknitive dissonance.

2. It's a fantasy of mine to have sex in public, but I don't want to get arrested; it's giving me serious cocknitive dissonance.

3. I seriously doubt that they're a couple; if they are, she's blind because he's clearly experiencing profound cocknitive dissonance.
by xanadoodle March 27, 2017
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When you are aroused by something that probably shouldn’t arouse you.
Person 1: I saw a picture of my grandma at the beach when she was younger, she used to be hot.

Person 2: Looks like a case of cocknitive dissonance
by ShadyMemeDealer97 May 20, 2018
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