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It is short for "cell mail" like email is short for "electronic mail." This is used in place of the word "texting" or "text messaging." It's much shorter!!

It originated in Japan and that is what they call "texting" over there and is listed that way on their phones and phone bills.
"Send me a cmail when you have an answer."
by ALISON:) August 11, 2009
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Cmails are emails sent to or received from cunts. They are usually condescending in nature and expose the author's general lack of education and basic ineptness at life skills and life in general.
Cmail received by Bob from Jane

To: Bob Normal
From: Bob Normal on behalf of Jane Cnut
Subject: Things I need done yesterday

Hi Bob

I am incapable of fending for myself and require you to perform my basic life functions for me as a matter of urgency. Could you please attend to this yesterday and as a matter of priority. I am not leaving you any room for negotiation or objection, nor am I concerned about anything else you may have occurring at present.

Kind Regards
Jane Cnut
by Bob Normal October 05, 2009
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