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Jim went to the circus last week and connected with one of the gals that worked there who was off duty. He woke up the next morning, afters some heavy drinking with a bunch of make-up on his face. It turns out that the gal is actually Frumpy the Clown. Jim had engaged in some heavy clownilingus that night.
by the coMANd'r August 26, 2014
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When two people are engaged in the act of cunnilingus and the individual performing said cunnilingus puts on clown make-up, a wig, and a red nose during the performance, without telling the receiver. The clown then proceeds to perform circus tricks between her legs; including but not limited to: the endless handkerchief chain, the balloon animal, and popping the balloon animal. The clown must continue to pleasure its partner's woman-hood throughout the duration of the performance.
Alice was very surprised when Davin began to perform clownilingus on her, but then she got really into it.
by Bitchhe'smine November 07, 2016
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