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When you go to a girls house and she gives head you nut in her mouth and say you gotta go and leave within 3 minutes. Then dont talk to her for awhile, and everytime you pass her going down the road you'll think ya i nutted in that girls mouth. especially when she acts like a bitch
I went to that girls house she gave me a blow job in the closet and i pulled a closet trick.
by Waka Flocka Flame February 19, 2012
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when you watch 2 or more people have sex undetected in the closet or closest similar place (e.g. - behind a chair, etc.). To take it one step further, include a meal for youorself, like Taco Bell soft tacos out of their wrapper. Eating is very satisfying while getting away with this perve maneuver.
Once I watched my boy tag his chick while I hid in the close to fohis room and ate Taco Bell during the whole thing....She never knew we pulled a closet trick!!
by broker85032 August 17, 2006
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