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Literally beastiality.... The Bronies who want to have sexual relations with My little Pony Characters. Creepy as hell, but it's a real sexuality according to the apparent 30-60 thousand clopsexuals.

(No offence but fucking Ponies is beastiality and that's fucked up)
Son: Mom, Dad, I'm Clopsexual....
Mom: What?
Son: Clopsexual
Dad: Well... That's beastiality/
Son: JUST ACCEPT ME!!!! (storms out)
by lwils April 08, 2016
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When someone identifies them self as being willing to have sexual relationships with fiction characters from "My Little Pony"
Person 1: Did you hear the Maddy is Clopsexual?
Person 2: What the hell is that?
Person 1: That means that she wants to fuck fictional pony's
Person 2: That's so fucked up!
by clopsexual July 05, 2016
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Someone attracted to ponies, specifically MLP.
Did you here about Brian?
Yeah, I can't believe he's a clopsexual.
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by Just Me12 September 19, 2016
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