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1. The act of playing dice, cee-lo or some other game. Usually against a piece of cardboard in the alley.

2. A phrase yelled out while shooting dice in hopes of a good roll.
1.Yo you down for a lil' clickty-clack in behind the liquor store later?

2. Clickty-clack, clickty-clack!! 4-5-6 nigga!!
by D. Spo June 21, 2004
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in dice, the sound of sevens when they hit the pavement
Me an' Biggums was shootin dice in the alley and i was hittin them sevens like clickity clack biatch
by Buck Nasty April 10, 2004
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1. A computer keyboard
2. The sound a keyboard makes
1. Dude ur clickity-clack is noob
2. man i hate the clickity-clack noise a clickity-clack makes
by Aryk December 20, 2006
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A term used in the railcar industry.
"Hey Jim is this un-coupling lever fixed good enough?" (Jim shakes un-coupling lever aggressively) "BERRRA ERMAGER NO ITS GONNA GO CLICKITY CLACK DOWN THE RAILROAD TRACK!"
by Jim's interchange manual June 29, 2016
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