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A select group of people who unnecessarily use ornate vocabulary during everyday conversation. They discuss obscure political movements and break out the thesaurus for movie reviews.

*Not to be confused with latte liberals, as they don't actually exist.
Only a true cleverati would use the word "superfluous" when discussing their favorite sandwich.
by noneofyobitneh May 05, 2008
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People who use social media to primarily show off their cleverness. A combination of clever and digerati.

For example, someone who writes pithy, erudite, or "educational" posts and comments on Facebook; or devastating one liners on twitter; or "insightful" social commentary on Tumblr; or posts ironic photos on Instagram; writes wry definitions on urban dictionary; etc. etc. etc.
Chad is such a cleverati; he only posts things to make himself sound smart.
by Rhino Von Steiner November 07, 2013
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