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The ability to combine clarity with flexible, rational thinking, so that not only does one see things as they are, without the obscuration and distortion caused by preconceived notions and beliefs and illusory realities, but sees everything in its proper context - as a part of a greater whole - and always considers the likely consequences of what one sees, and of actions that one might take. Also, clear-mindedness involves the ability to routinely observe and be holding up to scrutiny the thinking process itself, so that one looks out for factors and influences that may be interfering with one's thinking and gaining of understanding of what one observes, and seeks to rectify or work around those difficulties.Clear-mindedness is thus both very deeply aware and very (flexibly) focused and practical - i.e. it is a very grounded state.
clear-mindedness-fundamental consciousness (who I call no-soul people, which is not at all a pejorative description), who can make some sort of subsequent use of what they have seen and experienced, and who do not become attached to the experiences and seek to keep returning to them. I was one such person. When I had cannabis experiences ( to many to count lol), they opened a powerful window on my hidden creativity and ability to live in the present and enjoy to the full each experience as it arose. I knew intuitively that these experiences were showing me capabilities and potentialities in my mind, and my task is to leave cannabis behind and work through various means to open up those potentialities so that my mind will become every bit as expansive and creative as in the cannabis experiences - indeed much more so - and fully under my own control, without need for any further drugs or 'props'.
by Roneill813 December 07, 2013
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