someone who can drive you crazy with the fantastic look in his eyes. He can make you laugh,be joyful and love. He is very hot and awesome.
I'm dreaming of those dreamy eyes...... claudiu's eyes..............
by cc105 April 13, 2010
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A white boy who is really black. He is the master of DDR, and lives in the ghetto.
by RioJo July 15, 2004
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Someone who hides their true feelings but would make a good boyfriend anyway. usually short and really handsome.
by Awesome 123454321 September 13, 2012
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just cool and chilled dude from nürnberg keepin it real
claudius loves tanja
by hanswurst77 July 13, 2009
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A Claudius is someone who makes sandwiches on the daily for herself and brother and proceeds to watch 1980s films whilst looking on Instagram .
You’re making a sandwich. That’s so Claudius!
by Mystery fiancé June 1, 2020
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To pretend to be a dumb/weak/stuttering idiot, in order to fool your enemies

Comes from Emperor Claudius, who survived this way the tyrannical purges of Emperor Tiberius and the mad reign of Caligula.

Thus he was able to survive and become emperor himself in the end
Bill may seem like an harmless idiot, but he’s just doing a Claudius in order to fool Frank and fuck his girlfriend while he’s at work

Be careful with Tom, he may seem harmless, but he’s actually doing a Claudius
by EuropeanRando January 15, 2021
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Nero Claudius, also known as Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, is a popular character from the japanese serie Fate. She is the female version of Nero the fifth emperor of Rome and a saber class servant. She is the deuteragonist in Fate/Extra, Fate/Extra CCC and Fate/Extella and also the servant of Hakuno Kishinami. She is also a summonable 4 star servant in Fate/Grand Order. Other nicknames she has are Emperor of Roses, Red Saber and Whore of Babylon.
Nero Claudius: Servant Saber. Nero Claudius, I have arrived in response to your call! Umu, you have chosen the right one! You sure know how to tell the difference!
by AFKItaria January 4, 2022
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