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A rare and endangered species that sings big notes, has crazy cool hair, and likes John D.

Tha claikens is also know as a clay aiken
1. Hey! Did you see the claikens riding it's bike outside? You must have he was being chased by a mob of lonely middle-aged women

2. The claikens is teh sex!
by sassynoodlehead January 27, 2005
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a nickname for clay aiken created by justina and victoria (awesome people you probally dont know)

usually used in a sympathetic way
"oh poor claikens everyone thinks hes gay

oh well where are jesse's donuts"
by justina February 05, 2005
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Claiken Is Short for Clay Aiken; being absurd; annoying or ridiculous person; a judgmental person; someone who makes no sense.
Claiken is someone who acts in an overwhelming manner and may disturbing to others.

When i accidentally dropped butter on her kitchen floor,Kelly got really mad and started clAikenabout it. verb

Stewart ran around at work all night complaining about the littlest things. He is so Clay Aiken. adjective
by Claiken or Clay Aiken January 20, 2016
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