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City punch is both a delicious and cheap alternative to any bevaerage that has an overabundance of sugar. The only two ingredients in city punch are sugar and water. A few drops of food coloring may even be added so that the appearance of actual kool-aid may be acheived. The recipe of city punch was revealed to many ignorant and rich white viewers by Pretty Ricky on the television show Cribs. These viewers have likely and will likely never indulge in the the poor mans sugar drink.
Wayne: Goddam it's hot, and we all out of kool-aid mix.
Carter: Just make some of that city punch.
Wayne: I ain't had city punch since I moved out the projects.
by Ian Christopher June 27, 2007
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water and sugar mixed to create a ghetto fabolous drink on a hot but broke afternoon
when you run out of cool aid or juice you can drink City Punch for a satisfying taste
by Young Isaac August 29, 2006
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Tap water. The ingredients and taste vary from city to city.
This city punch has a hint of chlorine that is quite pleasing to the pallatte.
by huffren December 25, 2010
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