A derogatory term used by service members of the Grand Army of the Republic to refer to members of Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS).
by SolaireofAstora February 12, 2015
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The excuse to everything wrong in life, including bike stealing, crimes, anti-ethnic rights, etc.
Q: Why don't you love this show?
S: Fucking cis scum.

Q: How come the guy didn't get his own meal yet, and what's so bad about that?
S: Fucking cis scum.

Q: Why do you hate those who oppose otherkin?
S: Fucking cis scum.

Q: Why do you not like rape?
S: Fucking cis scum. They do nothing but rape me and my friends.
by Senator Foreskin July 22, 2023
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A term often used by SJW's to immediately ignore someone's criticism of their views. Only applies to Cisgender white males.
White person: That isn't--
SJW FUCK OFF YOU CIS WHITE MALE SCUM! You sure as shit ain't welcome in my safe space!
by Argeuahble January 18, 2017
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Cisgenders who think it's okay to belittle or use hate speech or dead name someone who is trans, in other words TRASH!
Me: Dear God why the hell is that dude so GD transphobic
My Friend: Dude is a bit of a push, he's cis scum!
Me: Oh, yeah I've heard that word before, he seems to fit the definition.
by Abigail Asher September 24, 2023
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