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One who has sex with other men by circling his penis around theirs in a circle.
Hunter circles too much. He is such a circler
by walr82745 April 26, 2011
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A man whom will flirt with any girl, regardless of wether she is taken or not. He will go in a cycle of meeting a girl while dating a girl, dumping the girl he was dating for the girl he met, and later to dump the girl he met for a new girl. He is allways talking to more than one person, and if the girl is to dump him, he has multiple girls to take her place. Circlers will cheat, play, and seem as if they are exclusive to you, when truthfully they are not. You might find a circler charming and flirtatious, but the second you look away, they are already on to another girl.
G1: isn’t Chris so handsome? He flirts with me all the time!!
G2: he flirts with you? Isn’t he dating Christina?
G1: he has a girlfriend? I never knew that!

G3: look, you won’t want to be with him, he’s a circler. He’ll find you one day and circle around another the next.
by Basketballo7 April 11, 2019
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