someone who stands in a circle with many other men and masturbates with them into the middle.
john is a circle jerker. he goes to circle jerk every saturday night.
by mima April 5, 2004
A bunch of guys standing around nolan, and masterbating on his face.
Nolan didn't know what a circle jerker was, so a bunch of guys showed him, and he liked it a lot.
by Nolan M February 28, 2006
A girl/woman who flirts her ass off with one of ya' boys, bein a cock tease, playin head games leading him on in anticipation, and/or screwing around with him sexually, then droppin him like an egg and doin the same shit with your other boys' in your tight knit "circle of friends"
Dude I cant believe you actually thought she liked you and was into you! She's goin around fucking with all of us!! She' just a fuckin' circle-jerker!!
by ShawnJoe February 28, 2008
A person who publicly displays an inside joke to alienate all but a few people in a group. The act is usually done in a desperate attempt to elevate the ego of the jerker.
“Sally is totally a circle jerker. Every time I hang out with her and her friends, she takes every opportunity to bring up inside jokes.”
by Conk01 January 3, 2021