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Ciona is obviously a girl name. Ciona's are usually the envy of their friends, yet the one they'd rather be around. She is very beautiful yet humble. She could be the sweetest thing in your life or the one who fucks it up.The name Ciona originates from Japan, but now is commonly used in Canada today. There is very few Ciona's in the world, because not many can live up to the name. If your name is Ciona, you're a lucky girl.
person1: I hate Ciona even though she is my best friend!
person 2: I like her hair and she's so pretty, but I hate her guts
by lolamonroe187 May 29, 2014
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Ciona is a woman of action. She lives on the surface of enormous energies.
When internal beauty and strong charisma are needed only a women as talented and beautiful as Ciona can save the day.
by DeCryptIcon February 15, 2018
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