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the paranoid hallucinations you see when suffering the after effects of a heavy night on drugs and/or drink.
(calling who you were with the night before)

"that was a real heavy session. I have been seeing cider spiders since i woke up"
by polecat1982 August 21, 2007
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The imaginary spiders which are crawling all over you during your hangover which makes you feel anxiety, loss of bodily functions and the all encompassing fear of impending doom.

Cider Spiders can come on during your hangover and symptoms include:

- the feeling of death approaching;
- sweating;
- panic for no reason;
- being able to hear your heart beat above everything else;

- anxiety;
- soft furniture become intolerable;
- clothing becomes restricted and the idea of removing all your clothing and lying on cold floors seems the only real way out.
β€œOh my dear god , here comes the Cider Spiders”
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by dixie222 March 02, 2019
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The guy who shows up to the party or gathering with a couple of ciders, but goes after the boys beers.
"look here comes the cider spider"
by ttyycc February 22, 2018
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