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Empty-headed. Uncompanionable. Obscene. In case you can't tell, I'm making a direct reference to Cibitis. I guess I should start by saying that Cibitis sincerely yearns for the Oriental despotisms of pre-Hellenic times, the neolithic culture that preceded the rise of self-consciousness and egoism. By the same token, he abhors the current era, in which people are free to end his control over the minds and souls of countless people. In short, you don't need a preschool diploma to understand that as a dynamic, historical current, priggism has taken many different forms and has evolved dramatically in a variety of ways.
Zach omg r0lz is only worth 13 gold when he dies. This is such a cibitis game. I am never playing with him again!
by d00d00eyes April 13, 2011
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