Hello or Goodbye Beautiful in italian.. mainly used as goodbye beautiful.
we're all going to the club, join us later!!! Ciao Bella!
by Jasmine Rannebarger January 17, 2009
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Caio bella is an informal Italian expression meaning "goodbye beautiful."

Can also be used as an offensive goodbye.
Mainly used when saying goodbye to a gorgeous Lady.

Ciao Bella.
by _The Secret_ September 14, 2019
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"Ciao bella" actually means "Hello beautiful 💖" So if you want to say something kind to someone just say "Ciao bella!"
You: Ciao bella <3
The one you wanted to say to: What do you mean-
You: Look it up on ur phone on translate :>
The one you wanted to say to: Aweee tysm <33

*Or smth like that- 👁👄👁*
by Gacha-cuz-why-not? October 10, 2021
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