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When you get chosen in a question you don't know or you just hate your life (;-;")
Ima search it on Urban Dictionary bc im sad :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

*WARNING: This is just a joke, don't take it seriously-*

by Gacha-cuz-why-not? September 01, 2021
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BRO NO UR NOT YA ARE DA ✨Most Beautiful✨ Boy/Girl IN THE WORLD! >:)
You: Hey.. Am I Ugly...?
You: Thanks but I still think I'm ugly because people call me that...
Me: ...Show me who they are so I can CUT EM' OFF...!
by Gacha-cuz-why-not? October 18, 2021
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Gacha Heat- Some kids who don't understand Gacha Life and make stuff +18 which is ruining the Gacha Community ;-;
Kid who does Gacha Heat: OMG STOP HATING ON MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I CRY!! :(
by Gacha-cuz-why-not? August 29, 2021
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A 18+ thing ruining our Gacha Community 😩
Or kids who seen this and wanted to do it but still don't know what it is ;-;
Heat: Ugh im SOO bored... Wait, I KNOW! I'm just gonna make Gacha Heat for Gacha Police's or other people I hate! >:)
*Makes Gacha Heat but gets hate comments*
Heat: WHY U DO THAT I CRY 😭😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
by Gacha-cuz-why-not? September 07, 2021
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When ur really dum and wanted to search it on Urban Dictionary (ノ*・ω・)ノ
Omg I'm dum-
why won't I just search it on Urban Dictionary? 😃
by Gacha-cuz-why-not? August 29, 2021
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"Ciao bella" actually means "Hello beautiful 💖" So if you want to say something kind to someone just say "Ciao bella!"
You: Ciao bella <3
The one you wanted to say to: What do you mean-
You: Look it up on ur phone on translate :>
The one you wanted to say to: Aweee tysm <33

*Or smth like that- 👁👄👁*
by Gacha-cuz-why-not? October 10, 2021
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