A word used for referring to a person who thinks he is smart but is a chutiya
Urban Dictionary Aayush Basu is a chutiya
The word “chutiya” come from “chut” meaning vagina. It's is the most common word used to describe someone like mad/ pagal/ inferior. It is most widely used in North India.

It is used in different situations - when you are with your friend circle and someone says something useless than you tell him chutiya ( pagal ). It's for fun and not to refer them inferior.

When you are angry and say this with high tone then it's meaning it like inferior, don't you have any sense.

But nowadays, this word become the part of our day ti day life. Now we tell our best friend “chutiya” with love.

We should be careful about when to speak and how to speak. We should not speak this word in public places as it has negative impact on others about your personality. So it's bettee to use within your own zone.
1. Abe chutiya hai kya 😂😂
2. Madarchood! Chutiya hai kya !!
by LuLu786 October 20, 2020
he is so much chutiya
by September 28, 2022
People who search their name's meaning on urban dictionary and post it on social media are chutiya... They are brainless and need to be treated immediately
Person 1- look at my urban dictionary name meaning

Person 2- chup chutiya
by November 25, 2021
Chutiya is just like a gali jisko de kar sakoon milta hai
Aa chutiya idhar aa
by AY-MAFIYA November 25, 2021
"yeh toh bohot bada chutiya hai."
"oh you mean grammys?'
by namjoon's shoe November 23, 2021
A word which literally means, one who came out of a vagina.
But its used to abuse.
Easily scared people are called chutiya
Chutiya na ho to
Chal nikal chutiyay

India chutiya nation ha
by Hexagongamingyt September 20, 2020