the act of dragging someone on the internet who’s being a bully and spreading hate, usually a local and a homophobe.
a- did you see that man attacking xyz on her post?

b- omg yes, let’s chutiya pry
by sity haspital March 29, 2019
a phrase used by members of the sity haspital ICU, this phrase literally does not have a meaning.
omg let’s end this chut

omg chutiya pry!
by sity haspital March 29, 2019
It is used to say that one is a dumbass, usually among friend circles
Amit didn't even bring his wallet to the meet, so we were low on funds, what a chutiya!
by Jadugar badshah March 7, 2022
Those who are searching meaning of their name in urban dictionary and posting in their instagram story
Every one out there in My insta friend list are CHUTIYA
by Jogindar November 24, 2021
He is one of your friend , it's a boy ar girl also.
He is looking like a chutiya
by Devilal December 2, 2021
A person who puts his/her name in urban dictionary and really belives he is efficient handsome and or posseses special qualities.
by Sexy launda November 27, 2021