Another way to say "Chuck Taylors" which are a type of converse shoes.
I`m gonna go buy some chuckz at journeys.
by lilgirl August 13, 2003
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A sexual position in which the male partner is wearing converse all-stars, aka chuck taylors, and they get in the scissor position and while the male is fucking he is yelling "bitch call me chuckz!". At that point, the female begins to yell out chuckz.
Male: "Fuck...Yes...Bitch call me Chuckz!"
Female: "Chuckz! Chuckz! Chuckz! Fuck me Chuckz!"


Male to Nigga: "Ay Nigga last night i fucked my bitch in the chuckz position"
Nigga:"Damn Mr. Chuckz, Ur the shit!"
by Mr. Chuckz February 25, 2008
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