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A youngish man, usually gay, who has gotten quite fat but is neither old enough nor obese enough to qualify as a full-fledged "chub." Less insulting than the term "heifer" used sometimes to reference the same kind of individual.
"Joe may not quite be a "chubette," but with that paunch, his goatee and chest hair, he's a Bear by anyone's definition." If he gains much more weight he'll qualify for chubette. Moo! But chubby chasers will stand in line around the block to get to him.

Q: How many "chubettes" grow into full-time "chubs"?

A: They all do, unless they lose some weight and tone up; in which case they might pass for muscle bears.
by al-in-chgo February 07, 2010
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a term used to describe a girl who isn't usually chubby or overweight, but is looking or feeling especially fat or chubby at that certain time. chubetteness can come from eating a large meal and feeling full.

**note that this phrase is only used by girls who are actually NOT fat, but think they're fat.
"uggh! i'm getting to be a real chubette."
"someone's become quite the chubette"
by foxy mama "ab" April 01, 2008
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