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Any unusual and happy event that takes place during December, especially any event on Christmas Day or close to Christmas Day
"Your packages arrived early! It's a christmas miracle"

"We won our trip to Hawaii on Christmas! It's a christmas miracle"
by Nitwitlover December 17, 2016
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When you're banging a girl in missionary position and you run your hand through your hair over and over again so all your dandruff falls on her face like snow on Christmas Day.
Lisa said she hoped it would snow on Christmas this year, so Bob gave her a Christmas Miracle that night.
by netflixandchill1000 January 30, 2017
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The single wipe poop i.e. one wipe and it comes up clean. Called the christmas miracle because it's a rare and miraculous event. Synonym for ghostie
Dude, I don't know what I've been eating, but I've had like three christmas miracles this week.
by Eat 'n' Sweat July 26, 2007
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