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A person who types like a n00b and speaks like a chav.

Quick description of (my idea of)a n00b: Someone who is new to a website or typing in general and spells everything wrong. ie: h1ya pe0plr me nasme is (insert here) tak 2 me pwease!!11!

Quick description of a chav: Someone who wears anything that is the latest fasion no matter how stupid they look or how much they hate the clothes. They also have their 'own language' where they elongate vowels and/or ignore certain letters of a word when speaking them. ie: (-'s = elongated vowels) Like, o-h ma go-d diju just gimme a filthai!?! Ya mong.

*-please note that the word 'cho0b' was originally created by Hannah Malin and Louisa Gainsborough-* (Sorry, don't want other people taking credit)
Cho0b: lyke omfg!!11!!11 did u c dat!!11!111! it woz soooooooooooo lyke fuckin kewle1 bu da oder day she sed 2 me she sed she did she cawed me a fuckin chave she did da minger!!1!1!111
by Hannah Malin January 19, 2006
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cho0b is Billy
Billy is my friend
Billy made wtfux because he is teh cool :(
lol HAY CHO0BY <3 SUP?
by wtfuxer May 09, 2005
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