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chipmusic is music created using chips that create synthetic representations of "real instruments", and their own unique sounds. These synthesizers, generally found on 80s home computers, such as the C64, ZX81, Atari ST, IBM PC adlib soundcards and so on have distinctive tones and style (fast arpeggios, pulse-width-modulation etc.) and have become legends in their own lifetime, with legions of rabidly devoted fans.
http://www.chiptune.com <- all you need for examples of chipmusic.
by dazzled November 25, 2005
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The candid camera tv show created by Ashton Kutcher... the hottest man alive. Also can be used as a verb; meaning to trick someone... or embarrass them horribly on national television :) basically to prank them.
Justin Timberlake totally got punk'd by Ashton! hahaha
by dazzled October 11, 2003
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