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Someone who is chillos keeps his cool in sticky situations.
Alternatively Chillos is the nickname of a highly skilled Dutch gamer.
When the pub caught fire everybody fled in panic, only the bartender acted all chillos and called the fire department.
by Chimo L Sallpos May 05, 2007
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A chill Dutch guy, very good looking and a great friend.

If you ever get the chance to meet a Chillo consider yourself lucky.

Chillo is also a highly talented Dutch gamer, and guitarist.
Girl 1: oooh look at that dude, he looks so relaxed.

girl 2: Well duuh... he's a Chillo
by blackrosesburn July 06, 2011
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Someone who you call chillo is your buddy. Chillo means pal, child, kid, friend, budd.
Frank: "What's up Chillo?"

Fred: "Oh not much dude"
by ShelbyTrue July 25, 2011
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