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The chilli lick is a physical act involving the males tongue and the females vaginal region.

The male, on purpose, eats chilli to increase the heat exerted on his tongue.

He does not inform his slutty whore of a girlfriend as he would rather ambush the dirty fucker in a small confined room and lick the shit out of her loose wet vaj, though whilst doing so making her innocent cunt go so fucking hot that she would rather eat goats cock and be fisted by an asian nun whilst playing in traffic with her legs tied together.

The chilli will remain hot on her cunt for quite a while, so while she screams 'fuck me im a slut my cunt is hot' just sit there masterbating laughing at her, many would also video this for shits n gigs, which could later be posted on youtube, or redtube.

Therefore the chilli lick may seem unharmful through merely reading the name, though in reality it is a violent act completed by the male to aim at inflicting as much heat onto a females vaginal area, focusing primarily, though not exclusively on her clitoris or vaginal wall.
Hey there can i have the worlds hottest chill please because later im going to chilli lick the fuck out of my slutty girlfriend and watch her run in circles screaming pouring what she perceives to be water in her eye to relieve the pain, but what she wont no is that i have actually swapped the water for vodka and so the dumb bitch will be in even more pain and now she wont even be able to fucking see so i will laugh even harder
by king chilli lick March 20, 2009
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