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a combination of chill and relationship. Essentially describes a relationship that is easy on both partners, not requiring insane effort to keep each other happy. Maybe you don't have to talk 24/7, or see each other every day, and no one gets offended when talking to others of the opposite sex, but hey, its a chill relationship.
by ///M Power! January 19, 2009
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An undefined relationship between two people. You both like each other, you're both comfortable with each other, but there is no title. You guys are just " chilling ", which is pass the talking stage of the relationship.
Her : what are we ? Are we friends with benefits ? Are we just friends? Are we friends who like each other ? But can date other people??

Him: chill. We're just chillin. We're in a chillationship.
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by Denuhtroi May 07, 2017
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It's when your not in a relationship but no yall are rocking and be lowkey and just vibe with each other.
Me and this boy are in a chillationship
by Funniestdick February 20, 2017
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