An awesome melodic-progressive metal band hailing from Finland. They named themselves after a 1960 murder that happened near Lake Bodom, in their hometown, where three teenagers were violently slain. The killer's name is NOT Bodom....the suspect's name is Nils Gustaffson.

Children of Bodom has kickass double-bass drums, two extremely talented guitarists, awesome basslines, and some of the happiest keyboards in all of progressive/death metal.
Something Wild
Follow the Reaper
Hate Crew Deathroll

get them all!!
by triplecorpsehammerblow December 2, 2004
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An awesome band who totally rule the universe...literally....
man children of bodom rule, and thats all i have to say about that...
by pezz June 27, 2003
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Kick ass metal band. any one who says other wise will burn in hell like the litle bitch they are.
"I dont like Children of bodom.... They suck."
"Eat shit and burn in hell ass hole."
by master of puppets. June 13, 2006
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A five-piece black metal/power metal band out of Finland, Children of Bodom are a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. Named after their homeland's most nontorious killers, Children of Bodom could be said to do likewise to their competition.
by Twice Scorned May 12, 2004
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Children of Bodom is the best thing to ever happen to the metal scene, heart stopping riffs and gut wrenching solos, Alexi Lahio is the most talented lead guitarist on the planet. He and his guitar alone can bring a tear any true metal fan.
by Jack Danials March 18, 2006
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Children of Bodom are a black/power metal band hailing from the lovely country of Finland. Like many other good European Metal bands, they suffer from a fanbase that consists of a bunch of elitist smacktards that spend the majority of their time on internet forums disrespecting metal bands that have melodic tendencies. As good as Children of Bodom are, their fanbase is about as retarded as a heaving orgy of Slipknot, Tool, and Trivium fans sweatily licking the hair grease off Max Cavelera's dreadlocks.
"(Insert popular melodic thrash/metal band here) is a bunch of whiney emo-kids."

"No, that's a Children Of Bodom-ism, and you are an elitist prick. You should take a listen to Hawthorne Heights if you want whiney emo-kids."
by Eekz the Kat. November 8, 2006
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A very talented band, which would be much better with a coherent singer.
Did he just say he was going to eat my mom, or was he talking about flowers?
by The Dylan July 1, 2005
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