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a sweet girl smart and beautiful not afraid to fight back. her lovely name means God is good in igbo. although she might appear all nice she is not afraid to fight back. if u mess with her social reputation, you just destroyed yours. everyone wants to be her friend. she is funny and nice and wow amazingly weird.
girl:did u see chidinma
girl2:of course even the blind wouldn't miss her
by queenethlove lol its me guys February 20, 2018
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A Nigerian (Igbo) name mainly for females.
They're funny and fun-loving and will find a way to make you smile :)
Who's she, the one smiling?
That's Chidinma
by What's a pseudonym March 25, 2013
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A term of offence to indicate blatant and uninhibited homosexuality - a black, hairy male, a sex slave for those superior to him (esp. white people)
"Stop being such a Chidinma!"
"Ow, I can't sit down, I got Chidinma'd too hard last night!"
by Barry Ryan November 01, 2003
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