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1) A strong sense of womanly pride: an exaggerated femininity; 2) exaggerated or exhilarating sense of female cunning and womanly wiles.
Blanche sure used her chickchismo to get what she wanted today!
by Vlad the Impaler August 23, 2006
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The bizarre odor that permeates the air in the vicinity of chicks who don't bath regularly, especially after 'that time of the month' they're always bragging about. It's somewhere between three day old road kill and an old tuna boat muffler. Lots of 'em will try all sorts of crotch deodorants, but it's useless: most got it, few don't. Don't cry your deceiving little eyes out girls, it's nothing soap won't cure for a few moments.
Goddamn, have we run over a seafaring skunk, or did someone shit a tuna fish? No, dad, that's sis and mom's chickchismo in the back.
by hoze-a August 24, 2006
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