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A musical group consisting of females, or mostly females. A chick bands can only play rock music, if not, it's not a chick band.

Here are some chick band traits:
Their hair is usually messy. This is to insure that they are tough.
They wish they had a rough life. Most of the time they don't. (They usually say something like: their father left them when they were little girls).
They often complain about sexism. The real reason they get little respect is because they're not talented in the first place.
These bands usually play Fender and Gibson guitars, mostly playing power chords.
Chick bands write "THEIR OWN SONGS", and sometimes cover "A FUCKING GOOD SONG". Sometimes by Kiss, Nirvana, or Guns n' Roses. The chick bands' write about their "boyfriend dumping them", "them dumping their boyfriend", and "partying all night". Maybe even about someone else, overdosing on painkillers.
The singer cannot reach a higher/lower note than their talking voice. Sometimes the singer also plays guitar at the same time.
The chicks in the band are usually butch.
Lillix and The Donnas are chick bands. Hole is not quite a chick band. Avril Lavinge has a chick band, even though she's the only chick in it.
by *Bee* September 10, 2006
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A band with woman playing an instrument or is on vocals.
-Dude, I listen to Sonic Youth.
-Thats a chick band.
-So, you listen to the pixies don't you?
by tourettes1992 August 19, 2006
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