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person who likes underage porn.
is that a chicane i see watching a porn movie?
by shiznat April 5, 2003
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a fart that smells like flowers!
it can also mean BOB
chican chican toy town
by iPad racoon December 28, 2021
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a car that drives so slow in a race that it just slows the other cars as they have to pass by it and doesn't really compete. In a race, it usually ends several laps behind the winner. See Minardi.
The Minardi cars ended the race 4 laps behind Fernado Alonso.

Multiplayer race winner: That n00b was 5 laps behind me!
Other driver: Yeah, he was just a mobile chicane. Slowing us down!
by Captain Sham August 29, 2005
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the bestesttt friend eveer!
nic0 chicans is a nic0 chicans
by christinnnnneee October 9, 2008
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