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The most ratchet High school in Las Vegas. The school itself looks like a prison from the outside, and a sewer on the inside. Has the most ratchet, thirsty, whore bitches in all of Vegas. Black girls are always patting their weaves, and fighting over some black guy who looks like a wannabe Lil Wayne. This school doesn't have door handles, and all of the niggers smell like oil or cocoa butter. All of the mexicans are illegal immigrants, and make out intensely in the hallways. Bitches are always pregnant, and suck more dick after their babies pop out. All of the niggers cut people in line, cause they hungry as fuck, cause they mama don't feed them at home, cause she had ran out of food stamps, so they be on welfare, and getting free lunch,
"Hey you cut me!"
"It's because i'm black ain't it?"
"Man, fuck Cheyenne High School!"

"What school you go to?"
"Cheyenne High School."
"Ohhhh shit. I'm sorry."
by princess ratchet November 13, 2013
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