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Female equivalent of testosterone. It's what makes women get violent on Saturday night outside a nightclub.

A variant is 'breastosterone'
As her heart pumped hard and the chestosterone coursed through her veins, Chantelle grabbed Chardonnay's hair and swung her spike-heeled shoe towards her victim's shin.
by JeanDePierre February 03, 2008
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The fluids that flow through a mans chesticles (or manly boobs) that make that man that more manly. Much like testosterone, the larger your chesticles, the more chestosterone you will produce.
Ray: Damn home boy, you got some damn large chesticles!
Dan: Boy, you just hating on my mad chestosterone.
Ray: WTF?
Dan: Its what serperates the men from the boys, bitch!
by nick. e November 12, 2007
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