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To release ones' jizzum on your partner's face, followed by a short sharp donkey punch to their nose, thus creating the appearance of a cherry bakewell.
Neil gave Bob a cherry bakewell... he didn't see that one coming
by fluffy1 October 31, 2006
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A British staple. A small tart containing jam, marzipan and topped with icing, with half a glace cherry on top. Absolutely delicious, especially with a nice cup of tea.
In my opinion, the best cake Mr Kipling has to offer. If they didn't contain so many calories I would happily eat them all day.
mmmm, cherry bakewells, yum yum yum!
by geekstress May 08, 2006
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A traditional courtship display involving the manipulation of the male genitalia. Rooted in ancient Celtic tradition, Cherry Bakewells have been used for centuries to attract mates and display sexual prowess.

The Cherry Bakewell is a complex, two stage process. First, the male tucks his genitals between and through his legs to form a mangina. He then turns around and bends over, displaying his stacked, squashed, tucked-through cock and bollocks for all to see.

A successfully deployed Cherry Bakewell (or "Bakewell" for short) can have a devastating effect on any female within a 2 mile radius.
Last night Henry showed me his Cherry Bakewell and it had a devastating effect on me.
by boristherat May 24, 2015
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To pull your pants doon and fart in someones face
Oi shut it or al gee ya a cherry bakewell
by Skud December 13, 2004
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