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Chellsee is suppiroir to Chelsea

She is the See'r of all that is good and evil. She does not let life jade her. She can get through an situation and help anyone who needs a hand. She is a caring, passionate and full hearted goddess of love. She is the earth mother who speaks to the snake. Urging it to reside in the path of good. Motivating those who need to redirect their purpose, steering them twards good even when it's not expected or known. She is a light. She is nature. A balance between light and dark. Always pulling all she knows into positive enlightenment. She is chosen. Emphatic and a creator of positive change.
To know chellsee, is to realize your self. She will see you and aknolegde your light even in your darkest hours where no one believes in you. She will.
by Chellseelynn December 30, 2015
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