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referring to one as a dumbass, stupid, or just plain retarded. comonly used in fights with siblings
Young Boy: "Stop it Tom! You're a cheese brain!"

Brother Of Young Boy: "Yeah, well, you're just a lard butt!"
by Mary Gee August 21, 2008
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What happens when you can't remember the most basic details of a recent event/interaction. The combination of the words Swiss Cheese and Brain, somewhere along the line Swiss got dropped.

Can be used in any manner you see fit as the situation requires.

Originally coined by Ben Brown of Ontario, Canada.

Them: Do you remember the name of that movie we saw yesterday?
You: Movie? Dammit, cheesebrain strikes again.

Them: Why do you use your palm pilot for everything?
You: Huh? Oh, I can't remember a damn thing, *shrug* cheesebrain.
by mattsinf December 06, 2005
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