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1. (noun) an underground porn fetish that features prominently the cheddar-like smeg that accumulates under the foreskin on an unwashed penis. a popular scene in cheddarporn involves making women lick the "cheddar" off a mans penis.

2. (adjective) the quality of or pertaining to cheddarporn.

3. (adjective) of very high quality. (derived from the characteristically high quality of cheddarporn compared to more mainstream types of pornography).
here check this out, marty k went to amsterdam and bagged us some really hardcore cheddarporn.

check out the cheddar on that guys cock! she's not gonna eat that surely???!! fucking right she did too, this is the best cheddarporn ive ever seen.

this smack is fucking cheddarporn (ie of high quality)

while the plot is hardly original, the narrative is well-structured and the cinematography is absolutely cheddarporn
by dangerous dave (unofficial) January 18, 2007
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