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When your company uses Microsoft Outlook to send meeting requests / plan time and you are not sure if you are free to have a meeting on that day / at that time or you are not sure what date or in what room a pre-arranged event is taking place, so you check your calendar in Microsoft Outlook for more information.
Guy #1: Smith are you coming to Peter's leaving do?
You: Uh... When is it?
Guy #1: 21st.
You: Um.. think so.. I remember.. something.. about there being some kind of party on the 21st... I'll check my outlook to see if I confirmed it.

Finance Girl #1: Jason we need to meet to discuss our year end profits. Is tomorrow at 9 good for you?
Jason: Should be, let me just check my outlook a second.

Philip: Richard are you coming to the pub now or do you want me to wait for you?
Richard: I'll be another 10.
Philip: Okay... I'm going to head on down, you know where it is right?
Richard: Yeah that one that we went into last time that had that crazy chick.. forgot it's name.. I'll find it.. don't worry, I'll just check my outlook.
by Matthew1471 December 05, 2009
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