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A city in the West Midlands, not far from Birmingham.
'The population density of Coventry is 565.8 Chavs per square mile of land area.'
by crazysarah118 March 17, 2005
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chaventry is a small town in the midlands which is really called daventry, which thrives with a bunch of sad ass loser chavs.
the wreck(sometimes) and daneholm are the only places where you can get peace, without having your teeth knocked out, although it has happened before
Xxkrystal_childxX oh my god man! look at all the loser chavs we can never get any peace round here.
*>miss_autumn<* yeah lets go down the wreck or daneholme and jump on the nets.
somechavguy come here i wanna steal your polos innit man safe man sorted man SOUND!
Xxkrystal_childxX ...
*>miss_bucket<* i hate living in chaventry.
by chanelle amber-anne June 20, 2006
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