slang spanish (chicano word) ... buster, punk, ranker, pussy, bitch
MS putos are straight chavalas
by Mz.DeLaCruz August 30, 2003
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A Calo word (Chicano switch code) to mean a "punk". Used usually to define people who are in a barrio enviroment. Believed to have come from the root form "chava" which in Rural Mexican Spanish means, kid, youth, childish and ect.
That vato is a chavala.
by La Morena September 11, 2003
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Nicaraguan term for girl, female child or adolescent
La chavala solo tiene 15 años...
by shummy January 11, 2008
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a person affiliated with northside ( northputas) , bloods (slobs) , crips (crabs) , 18st ( wannabe maras)
look a dat chavala wearing dat fake ass color (red)
by northkilla13:. October 11, 2011
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pussy/bitch breath, ranker, whimp. all talk
Atrain " david ill kick your ass"
David" idont like to fight you faggot, but i bet id fuck you up "
Atrain" you stupid chavala breathe"
by Atrainnnss October 15, 2006
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