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big dragon, shit stirrer, triple breasted (six nipples) with extremely long back hair, never shaves the bottom of her feet, secretly bisexual and totally up for threesomes, loves doing the eagle, a beast you need to get with, gets horny when tickled behind the ear, has an obsession with belly fluff, sometimes pretends to have a hairy bum, loves rat's tails that reach to the bum, loves to play the recorder in the nude whilst line dancing in cemetries, aspires to be the first cross-gendered super model to live on Pluto, her arse is always itchy, founding mother/father of takesitupthebumalotism religion, from the lesboalphachivagloverkappa sorority and generally loves to tease homeless people by stealing their cardboard boxes.
Damn that girl is acting like a Chauntell!
by The Triangle!!!!!! June 08, 2011
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the are sweet and love listening to peoples problems , they are selfless and catch feelings . sometimes insecure and are mostly boyish , they love hoodies and are funny when comfortable around people. without a chauntell your life kinda feels empty. They are mostly someones play thing , taken for granted but are really cool have so much love to give and never had a boyfriend or first kiss.

name is an old italian word stone also means angel.
My life is so empty , where is chauntell

i need chauntell , she listens to me

i love chauntell so much
by starfire tink July 24, 2019
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