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A person that has tried, failed, and given up on real life and instead decides to live out the remainder of their life in a chat room, sometimes even using it as a source of income by chatroom panhandling to fund their drinking problem. A chat bum's reality has a user name and a password and most of the time they're logged in longer than the chat bots.
I got my friend a job where I work and the boss said he could start Monday. My friend said he didn't want it. Even though it's all set and ready to go and all he has to do is show up he said, "no". I guess he would rather just stay home and be a chat bum.
by shadoinkin May 19, 2018
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You wake up to chat, fall asleep to chat, and you've been logged in chat so long that your name makes it to the bottom of the list with the bots
Guy:1 That guy never logs out his only reality is a user name and password.
Girl:1 He's just going through a chatbum phase.
by shadoinkin May 12, 2018
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